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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My thoughts on escorting.

Escort (n):  a person who accompanies another for protection, guidance, courtesy, or companionship.

But let's be's often for that lil three letter word....SEX!  And it has my applause.  I have a lot of friends who are escorts.  Very talented, smart, caring, and interesting people.  Most have college degrees and a very diverse life.

What troubles me is not them....but those who oppose escorting.   There is nothing taboo about it.  Client approaches escort....communicates desires and fantasies....escort spends time with client to provide such fantasy....payment...and voilĂ !  How very honest of a profession.  No trans Atlantic importation of goods was required, no burning of fossil fuels, no useless Styrofoam packaging.  Just a human selling the one thing they truly own in this world....their time.

There isn't a lot I can say about this except a majority of Americans are wrong for imposing their religious beliefs on political decisions.  Prostitution and Escorting should be a legal and public career that is taxed and valid. 

People have it so backwards.  People think we own the earth and have a right to strip away the resources of the earth to increase the value of our accumulate wealth.  But when someone tries to sell something that has no deleterious effects on the earth the religious right labels them immoral. 

Immoral is taking more than you need.

I would recommend everyone to read the book Ishmael.  I read it today and it is incredibly insightful!


  1. Regulation, regulation, regulation, have to stress the word, walking the streets these days its not hard to spot an escort, if its a listed profession you want to make it then let them open a building that caters for it, not pimping themselves on the street, plus things like health, abuse of power and sex trafficing have to be considered but i get that the service offers alot of good things too. Such as companionship and affection some people crave but can not find elsewhere, i have no problem with it just that it shouldn't be viewable to the general public regardless of religion. Seth i think you did this in support of friends but remember guys like Duncan black and rod daily, its not just a service.

  2. I did it not in support of friends but in support of the idea of it. I think most escorts are not out walking the street....most advertise easily on the net.

    Regardless...pimping oneself on the street should not be illegal. Its much better in my view than people pimping goods out on the street made by people working for less than min wage.

    I don't think it should be anymore viewable to the general public than anyones own private sex life. That will vary from person to person. What I mean by public is that it should not be something anyone is made to feel ashamed of or made to feel like they cannot speak of.

  3. Agree! work is work! ;) rioboy

  4. I agree, it should be legal. It bothers me that religious morals dictate what all people are judged on. It's similar to the marriage equality laws. People impose their religious beliefs on others regardless of their own. If they are against it, they should not participate but that doesn't make it wrong overall. Our country is too censored and prudish when it comes to sex. I'm a gay man married to a man and live in Key West. We are extremely sexual and live pretty openly but we are judged all the time because of it.

  5. I totally agree with you Seth! And what Michael said explains where the problem is! I wonder when we will be able to be free from this imposition of other persons beliefs in our lifes...

  6. I have escorts whenever I travel abroad but only for translation purposes, protection, and ideas as to what locals do as opposed to tourists. i think it should be regulated but it would be hard to put a value on an individuals time since all are different and do different things. I'm still young enough or perhaps attractive enough that i don't have to pay for some types of sex so when i compensate a person for their time it is for helping me survive in a strange city

  7. I do agree with your thinking Seth. Of course, one's gotta be careful who to choose, which is not always easy. Nonetheless, in my opinion, the concept of escorting is not wrong at all.

  8. Seth, do you escort?