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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tony and Jim's 18th Anniversary

Each year my friends Tony and Jim invite most of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill to help them celebrate their anniversary in a spring themed party. I uploaded some of the pics. They always know how to throw a special and fun time.

This is What 18 years of love looks like :-)

Some Party Shots

Friday, April 29, 2011

YAY! This makes me smile!

2nd Annual Easter Bonnet Party in Raleigh NC

The 2nd Annual Easter Bonnet party was held at my house in Raleigh Nc.....check out the video below :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mixtures, Solutions, and Blending

I recently watched a video filmed by a McDonalds employee....a transgender woman was trying to use her gender identified bathroom when she was beaten to the point she went into a seizure.  Her attackers were female patrons of the McDonalds.

When did we learn this much hate and anger?   Who spawned it?  How can anyone be that mad at a stranger that has done them no wrong?  What is it like not to "Blend"

I am a chemist by trade and a mixture is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically united and do not exist in fixed proportions to each other. Most natural substances are mixtures. 
A solution is a homogeneous mixture.  Blending is something we all do as a people to cope with the mixture that is life-its our solution.

But what if you could not blend.   What if inside you were one thing and outside that scary?  Should it be?  I am biologically a male and I identify with being a male.  So if I am in a group of homophobic people and I don't care to show my true colors I can easily blend and fly under the radar undetected.  But what if you could not blend.....what if you lived the truth everyday and faced the consequences like the lady in the video.  I wanna take her pain away but I can't.   I can't change the minds of her attackers fast enough to take away the pain of all those who can't blend everyday. 

Who are the breeders of all this hate....where is this learned?  Is it fear?  What were they afraid of as she tried to use the bathroom?  Why Why Why Why Why? 

Current mood is very sad....sad for people that are victims...victims of hate that has no place.   It's a tragic world we live in as long as there are people like her attackers out there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Gaga Song Judas!

Vanity.....a misunderstood concept.

Vanity:   something that is vain, empty, or valueless, the quality or fact of being vain.   Vain:  having or showing undue or excessive pride in one's appearance or achievments.   
Simply looking at the definitions of these two words make vanity seem so bad right......Well I have a much different opinion.
Artists, singers, actors/actresses, anyone who openly discusses any body modification or improvements are usually labeled vain.  

Have you ever thought about where a majority of our earned income, cars, home improvement, bills, groceries, everything but our own body.

Have you ever thought about the fact that while most of your money is going to your car, your house, to your furniture....that all these items are temporary.  Actually the only house you will have until your last breath is your own body.  Yep that's will live in your own body longer than any house you will ever buy and improve upon.  

So why is it seen as acceptable to pimp your ride, re-paint the house, re-roof the house, hire a landscaper, put on addition, and install new windows....but the minute someone spends a little money getting a nip, tuck, suck, or plump up-they are seen as vain.
I am not on a soap box promoting plastic surgery, great haircuts, having nicely done eyebrows.  I am simply saying that spending income on your own flesh is a wise investment because for once income is spent on the house you actually live in.  So if someone calls you vain b/c you had a little botox, a little lipo, a little eyebrow lift.....they just don't have a clue-they are probably off spending hundreds on a tv they will watch for a bout 3 years only to buy another one.   

The concept of Vanity is silly....Vanity is simply having enough sense to realize that your body is worth more too you than a new sent of rims for your car.  

Live on and look great Vain ones :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Weekend in DC.

Dance Dance Dance.  I just got back from Cherry Weekend in DC and I had a blast.  I worked at a bar called Omega.   So fun!  Its a blast when the patrons to a club are fun and like to have a good time.  I also go to go to the Moody Gaga Party and Town Dance Boutique!    What a party....   I have a photo shoot coming up so I look forward to posting some really well done pics!
Fun Screen shot with my mac :-)

Brandon and I at Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend

Just Twirl Boot Camp in Charlotte

I can never get enough of those phone pics

More boot Camp Pics

Southern Decadence