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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Being Human

I am most happy when I see other people smiling. It doesn't matter what makes them smile I just like to see them happy from the inside out.
I just got back from NYC Pride and something has solidified in me. The idea that we are all connected to an extent and can look at each other smiling and appreciate it.
I watched a lot of people this weekend and all I could wonder was what is their perception. When they look through their eyes what do they do they perceive the song we are both listening too, what do my lips feel like to them, how does the food taste to them, do they like their drink, how "high" do they actually feel, are they having fun, are they nervous?
Being Human is we all want each other? Its odd that people I have met in public that showed what I thought to be no interest will be the first to hit me up on Grindr or a social networking site and ask me I wonder if I intimidate people in public. Its certainly not my fact I get intimidated by people most of the time and are afraid to approach them. But if we are all feeling the same way someone has to make the first move right?
So I started doing something new...if I see someone I want to talk (not necessarily for a hookup-just to meet)I just take a deep breath, smile and would be surprised how that lowers the other persons guard and makes the feel you are friendly.
And I think thats what it all boils down too....I think as a people we inherently like a friendly, fun, person and when the fear of rudeness/rejection is taken away-another plane of connection is reached and albeit sometimes short a bond is made.
And that is beautiful...and with that attitude you can make being human a joy and spread smiles to others. I am coming down from a weekend of utopian experiences and adjusting back to everyday life but I am so happy for each life I get to share a part in. I just have to keep reminding myself that we all have sensory perceptions and experience them differently-we are complicated and full of emotion and motives.
All the Best,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Appearances

If your travels take you to Chicago this year for Market Days I will be working at a bar in Boystown called Cocktail! Also if you plan to attend Southern Decadence I will be working at Oz in New Orleans! Come say hello :-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Pcola vs. Gay Days vs. DC Pride

As you can tell from my previous post I just did three consecutive prides. Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola FL, Gay Days at Disney in Orlando FL, and Capital Pride in Washington DC. I am going to rank them in order of "1" Most fun to "3" still amazing but not as amazing as "1" ;-)

1. Memorial Day Weekend in Pensacola FL. Without a doubt in all my gay travels this is the most fun event of the year. Most revelers arrive on Thursday evening and stay till Monday morning. Groups of friends either stay in rented beach houses, the Portofino Island Resort, or hotels near the mainland. Its a mixed event with just as much lesbian as gay participation. Approximately 60,000 people are estimated to populate the 5 mile stretch of beach each year for 3 consecutive days. The idea is to bring a tent...mainly for shade and to have a place to keep your drinks...set up and decorate it and let the fun begin. Our group always stays at the Portofino Island Resort. We usually are at the Beach by 11 a.m. and drink/play/flirt/cruise all day till about 6 p.m. (its utterly amazing) The beach is littered with incredible bodies and smiling faces. At around 6 p.m. we pack up head back to the resort ~2 miles for a bit and then hit the pool party at the resort. The pool party...which I like to call "boy soup" is completely full of boys, a DJ, a full bar, a hot tub, and one of the most beautiful sunsets you will every see. The pool party beats into the night and lasts until 10 p.m .each day. Then you have nightlife options which range from sit down bars like Flounder, to dance clubs such as Emerald City, to full fledged circuit parties. The best part about Pcola is the people. Maybe its something in the water maybe it's just people itching to find a trick...but its so darn friendly. No one meets stranger and every time you turn around a tent will be offering you a drink of some sort...just plain southern fun!

2. Gay Days Disney in Orlando FL. Gay Days is a social phenomenon that began some years ago. The actual Gay Day is the saturday of the event when everyone goes to the magic kingdom and wears a red shirt. Its really fun to see so many queers at the main disney theme park all in red. This year I attended and did mostly the Mark Baker events. Gay Days is very much a circuit party and is centered around music and euphoric feelings whilst dancing.
Each day starts around lunch with a DJ'ed pool party that lasts until around 7 p.m. After the pool party most head out to the nightly circuit event. These events cost around $80 and are set for the most part at Disney. Huge DJ's, sound systems, talent, and lights are brought in to set the scene for a absolutely fun time dancing till about 2 a.m. Then if you can still walk you can hit up the after hours till about 8 a.m. the next morning. The after hours sound will be more dark and tribal but the beats are still really fun to move too. I put gay days behind Pcola because its fun but not as varied. Every gay days event is a blast but its the same thing over and over where as Pcola has the beach, the pool, and the nightlife. However I will say that the men at Gay Days are much if its eye candy and circuit fashion you want Gay Days is the place to be.

3. Capital Pride in Washington DC. I have had many a good weekend in DC. Some of my favorites have been Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL) and Cherry weekend. DC Pride was fun. The atmosphere...the spirit....and the overall color of the painted streets of Dupont/Logan Circle made DC Pride fun. However...remembering how fun MAL and Cherry weekend were I did expect a little more from DC Pride. Its the capital of the USA....and the floats in the parade were less than lackluster. Also the clubs did not really go all out and decorate or bring in big name DJ's/performers. It it had not been for the parade/festival/ and bounty of rainbow flags it would have been just like any other weekend in DC. Albeit fun....not as amazing as I expected from Captial Pride. What did make it fun was the good friends I have there and the genuine souls that live there and call it home. For them it was there homecoming weekend, their weekend to shine, and their Pride.....and for that I give them two thumbs up.

Go and Travel!

Monday, June 13, 2011

3 Prides in a Row!

Well its Monday morning and I am just coming down from 3 Prides in a row....Pensacola, Gay Days, and DC Pride. What a life.

Here are some pic highlights.....

Our Tent at Pensacola Pride.

Pool Party at Gay Days

I have been a huge fan of Matthew since age 15...finally got to meet him.

And of course we had to go to Magic Kingdom :-)

Life is gonna be quite for a couple of weeks and then its off to NYC for their Pride Weekend. Have a great week everyone!