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Friday, November 5, 2010

Crossdressing Kids

I just read a blog posted by a mother of a 5 year old boy. Her son decided to go as a female Scooby Doo character Daphne.

When he arrived at his pre-school it was not the kids that had the problem it was the parents. Other Mom's privately talked to her and asked how in the world she could let him dress like that.

You know what....those Mom's are the problem....Those parents are the reason their kids will grow up to be Dipshit bullies....those parents are the reason the creativity of America will be stifled to boredom. How dare they get appalled at his choice of Halloween costume.

Its perfectly ok, and if he decides to change genders at an early age...even better...he can to it before his masculine appearance takes over and will look even more fierce as a trans woman!

How Dare dumbass parents critique a progressive Mom's decision to let her 5 year old son dress as a woman for Halloween.

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I will be a parent and my family will be the most judegmental free zone on earth...if ya want blue hair fine, tattoo fine, piercing fine...however if you want to bully other kids because they are different...get outta my house!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Fairy Friend in the Sky

Yesterday I was driving home and I was tired of my normal music. So I scanned the radio and settled on a christian praise and worship station. It was easy listening, it was raining outside and it fit the mood of the drive.

I began to listen to each and every word of each passing song. They all had one theme in common. This world-these people-this present does not matter-I lean only on you Jesus and look forward to the day I die so I can spend eternity frolicking in the clouds.

You see what happens is the following. I am speaking from experience cause the first 22 years of my life I was a cold hard Christian that was at the door each time the praise and worship hall opened. These groups of people who like each other gather in large settings. Musicians, speakers, and motivators create euphoric ambiances with sound, light, and silence. Humans close their eyes, hold their hands to the Lord and begin to feel a presence an inner spiritual uplifting they attribute to their fairy friend in the sky. However this presence is actually created by the people around them-the people they could reach over and hug and be happy to be alive with, but instead they hold their hand to the air, to intangible matter.

Oct. 10th of this year I was at a Club called Opera in Atlanta GA. It was a Sunday night, the end of PRIDE weekend and everyone was in an amazing mood. The setting was perfect, the men smiling, the lights heavenly, and the music was so moving I could feel it in my blood. As I looked around I saw hundreds of gay men dancing, hugging each other, smiling, having a total other world like experience. The only difference I have found in a gay circuit party and a praise and worship service is this. You can either look to your fellow human being and Know that this feeling is created by all of you loving each other in unison or you can close your eyes and attribute it all to your fairy friend in the sky.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Na'vi turned out FUN! But so help me Lord next Halloween I am gonna be something that does not involved paint or makeup!

Grass Seed

Did I mention I love agriculture. Whether its ornamental or for food I love planting stuff! I already seeded my front yard with tall fescue for this fall and spring and its looking great! The evening after the gym I am gonna go home and seed the backyard with annual rye!

I want it to look like this again!