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The only thing you truly own is your own mind, body, and soul. So as you go through these 8 to 10 short decades don't hold back cause its your decades!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Seth Fornea by Wander Aguiar Photography

During NYC Fashion week I had the pleasure of shooting with Wander Aguiar Photography.

We did a quick shoot on the rooftop of a building in the financial district here in Manhattan.  Here is a taste of the images. The jumpsuit/pants I am wearing are Rufkskin and the shirt is by COLT STUDIO GROUP.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Teaming up with Edwin Pabon to Feature CAKES

I shot with Edwin Pabon and we wanted to feature CAKES!  So here is an image for from our shoot!


Friday, October 3, 2014

We grow, We change, We reflect-Roberto Araujo Photography

I have had quite a year in 2014.  I shot my own calendar, my brother died, I traveled more than I have ever before (almost lived life one airport at a time) and I vacated and rented my home in North Carolina and moved to New York City.  I finally have a chance to breath a little and am making a home in NYC-albeit hard I'm determined.

I reflected a lot on my life in 2014....especially when I moved from NC to NYC.   I had to stop and go through my entire life of "things" and decide what was important enough to keep and what had to go and would remain only a memory in my mind.  As I was going through all my things I saw just how many versions of myself I had been from childhood, through college, and into adulthood.  I had to stop and wonder what the childhood version of myself would say to me now.  What would the college rower I once was say to me now.  What would the conservative christian student say to me now.

As we grow and age, for me anyway, my values definitely change.  I once prayed for God to make me I laugh at that point in my life where I actually believed a God was possible.  We grow, we let go, we gain new ideas, and we change.  I just wonder what all the versions of us in the past would say to the present us now.  Would we believe the person we have become....would we judge ourself with a harsh eye?

Roberto Araujo of Roberto Araujo Photography  had a great idea to do a photo shoot that depicts this.  We shot the images in Roberto's studio on Wednesday of this week.  Here is a little peek of our work together :-)  Keep up with Roberto on his twitter here!