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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A collection of 24 hours worth of contact...

Each day on facebook I get a plethora of interesting messages/wall posts. I think it would be funny to compile them all with zero editing in the order they were see if any they tell a here it is the story of May 24th.

"i'm not craz boo send me a pic of ur dick. U have skype? OMG-- You're SOOOOO HOT! i sure hope you will add me to you list of friends on Facebook. So I am one of the promoters fro Red Meat here in SF... go to would love to get you a part of it! i just checked myself your pic made me moist. Once again my latest updates say Seth Fornea is now friends with so-and-so and a gazillion other people. It's a daily thing lol. You're just so dang popular! Ha ha! Why are all of your friends hot!?! Damn! I'm adding them all just to look at them. Hahah! That's sad. hey Seth how are you? do you remember meeting Saturday? thx for the add i have another facebook profile just for friends if you want 2 add me there my profile's name is sweetboi salas hope you add me there lol i want to use this profile just for my family anyway i hope you have a awesome tuesday cuttie. WOOF! lol! DUDE your one hot SOB. Chris here. WOOF, WOOF. nice legs buddy. wanna wrestle? haha. wanna grow big with bigdaddy? get some roids and get all pumped up? be my wrestling jockboy? no obsessed with growing HUGE. but u are very handsome bigboy....still wanna wrestle u! hey man - I know this may be a stretch in the mind, but I've been trying to place you at Clemson and I finally did it. You came to a few of the parties over at my place when I had a large group over. Clay, Chad, and several others...if that rings any bells?"

Just a random Tuesday in my life lol.....I love being a gay man....its so much fun. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CandyMoon Shoot Preview

I recently worked with CandyMoon Photography in is a little preview of the work...the full set to come out soon :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some things I like for this summer

I love these "Shredders" from Nasty Pig

I also think this tank from Nasty Pig is hot as well

Another website I have become fond of is they are quite pricey but have some hot stuff

Nasty Pig also carries a variety of accessories...I am particularly fond of the leg harness

Ruf Skin always brings something fresh to the table....I am in love with their "runners" I think they would be great for fitness, dancing, or clubbing.


What color is your Iris? Is it blue, hazel, brown, green? I had the most beautiful Iris in my life. My grandmother Iris.

She departed from us physically in the summer of 2009. She was the most colorful being I had ever known. She was full of the most practical advice...she never fed me a line of bullshit...and I have clearest memories of her.

She kept a bowl full of nabs (what southern folk call a pack of crackers) on the kitchen counter. Her icebox was stocked with Nehi Peach soda. She could make the most delicious hash browns I have ever tasted. She let us drink hummingbird feed water if we really begged hard :-). She taught me how to drive, how to saw wood, how to be a better person.

She would always tell me "eat it while you can". Her family had a history of health problems so she basically was saying eat what you can while you are young cause when you get old they will tell you not to eat that. She would always say "do what makes you happy". No one else ever told me that but her. She fully believed in the golden rule and wiping your feet before you came inside.

She new a dog was a dog and belonged outside-yet at the same time she had so much respect for all life. She could plant and oak tree and I swear it would grow faster than at any arboretum. When I went to college she collected canned veggies for me to take back from a salvage grocery store in town. She was simply amazing. She said wash with an "r" like "warsh" and chicago with an "r" like "chicargo".

She was wise beyond her years...especially being from a really small place and not being exposed to much of the world. She also slept with the tv on and snored really loud.

I miss her all the time. She was my Iris.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joys of Saturday in the Summer

One of the best parts of Saturdays in Summer are the fun it brings out in people at the local bars. I had the pleasure of working at Legends Raleigh this past Saturday. It was a blast and the people a lot of fun.

This is my buddy Brad and I at the bar working.

I also got a welcome suprise. A classmate of mine in college showed up. I had not seen her since 2003 in Natchitoches La. Like I said the joys of Saturdays in Summer.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Missing love

Sometimes for a brief moment I think it would be nice to find someone to love. Most of the time I am very much a loner and enjoy being alone-except on weekends. But at times I find myself in bed wishing I could rollover and wrap my arms around someone I hold very dear.

And then there are all those I have met/dated/been friends with that have left me wonder what it could have been like.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great article about blooming and coming into your own late in life...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edge of Glory

I just got booked to dance on set with Deborah Cox, June 4th at Mr. Sisters-Gay Days Orlando...and this song is exactly how I HAPPY!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Have you ever looked a picture, smelled a meal, watched a sunrise, felt a blanket, or listened to a song and felt the distance. The distance between you at present and the last time you had that same feeling. Its an odd experience because sometimes so much can happen in that distance. Especially if it was a picture of your Mom when she was growing up, a cup of coffee that your dad would brew, the sun coming up over a lake like in college, a blanket your grandmother made, or song that you loved when you were in love.

One day its all going to be over and the distance will close. You will become a single time point in the distance of other people. I contemplated this last night and it made me sad. We are all so beautiful in so many ways and the fact that one day we will take our last breath makes me want to cry. The pure joy of a hug, a nice meal, a road trip with the windows down, seeing your best friend happy, laying in the grass, or watching seeds you planted come up. It inevitably ends.

I don't want it to end. Life is too grand. Interacting with life is too much fun for it to be over. There has to be another side, another way to live on in some form. I want to light up and run for my life, have hope for all the ones I hold dear, if only I had the choice, I can't hear the voice of my Mawmaw but I know she is there. I want to grow only louder and love more....I am not ready to lay and die...not now and I don't think ever.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jeffrey Boyette Shoot

One Sunday in April I had the pleasure of being photographed my the very talented Jeffrey Boyette. We scouted areas in and around Raleigh that we liked and thought would be interesting sites. Below is sampling of the photo shoot.