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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The City

I have hard Manhattan referred to as "The City" on a number of occasions by so many people. Now I am a believer. Once your in it, working it, its amazing. Everything is right around the corner and within 5 minutes of where you are. Its full of successful minds and people with realistic attitudes.

I was there over thanksgiving weekend. I worked at Splash last friday and had my first major slip up as a dancer. Out of all the bars and boxes I have been on this year I have never fallen off. Well there is a first time for everything.... Picture this...Splash was recently glossed over to reflect today's modern club. So the bar I was dancing on was smooth almost teflon white plastic, narrow, and very slippery. It was a square bar in the middle of the club that I could walk around. So between dodging cocktails and a cash register I lost my footing and went flying off! Luckily for me....there were people to land on....lmao. No one got hurt and I did not get kicked out...we all got a laugh and the night went on.

The next day I had another photo shoot with Michael Alago of Rough Gods. He had partnered with Scooter Laforge...taken an image from our last shoot and made a very cool T-shirt. Each T-shirt is handmade, unique, and one of kind. They will potentially be sold in Patricia Fields boutique in NYC. For now you can pre-order by emailing or paying $80 by pay pal to Below is what the shirt looks like on....mind you, I cut the sleeves off this one.

Also that day we took the Rough Gods Christmas card pic. I don't have an image of that yet but when I do I will be sure and share it.

Then on Saturday night I had the privilege of working a g Lounge. I will have to say that next to Oz New Orleans its has been my most favorite bar to work. It was fresh, great patrons, sick music, and very friendly staff. The event was called Twisted Saturdays....kinda of a house party in a club atmosphere.

For more great events like Twisted in NYC you can visit the promoters page at:

Cheers until next time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lets go play!

As I reflect on my year I find joy in contemplating what I am most thankful for. Every year it's slightly different.

1. I am thankful for my sister. We live together as adults because we choose to. Not because of any type of circumstance. I feel so lucky to have a sister that I am so close to, that I can trust with anything and that is always there for me. She is and will be my longest friend in life.

2. I am thankful for the real friends I have in my life. The ones that care enough care. The ones I can trust, talk to....the ones I want to see. They make everyday special and I cherish each and everyone one of my friends.

3. I am thankful for mobility and self propulsion. I have traveled so much this year and it's allowed be to cross paths with other self propelled and mobile individuals. They help me grow. They keep me on my toes. When you constantly come in contact with the cream of the crop it really puts what is out there in prospective. Thus I am thankful for being inspired by the most creative young adults around the country.

4. I am thankful I am not afraid to try anything. I am thankful I have the courage to put myself in any situation and try something out-I used to be very shy individual but I never meet a stranger anymore.

5. I am thankful for hard lessons learned. I need to be reminded sometimes that things are not what they seem at first and trust must be earned not given.

6. I am thankful for my health, I am thankful that I care enough to devote myself to the health of my physical and mental body. Its the only house I will live in for my whole life and I am so thankful I care enough to keep it immaculate.

7. I am thankful for the best advice I have gotten this year: "I've learned that time is the relationship healer and going out and meeting/dating other guys mends wounds. There are some fucking awesome people and sweethearts out there and if the one you are with isn't...don't waste your time because YOU are"

8. I am thankful I remain positive, optimistic, and that I look on the bright side. I am thankful I accomplish as least one thing each day and vegging out on a couch is never an option.

And thus I am thankful I am ready to keep pushing forward. 2011 was the year of opportunities and I seized them all. I hope to accomplish half the things in 2012 that I did in 2011. So lets go play ;-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in NYC

When it rains it pours. My friend Michael approached me about coming back to New York City to be photographed for the Rough Gods Christmas Card this year.

Well I love getting all Santa'ed up so why it would be fun. I also have never worked in New York City so I figured I would try and find work for both Friday and Saturday nights.

I had made acquaintances with a gentlemen named Mark. He is responsible for putting on the Pier Dance during New York Pride. He also books a lot of dancers and entertainment across NYC. I contacted him and he got me booked at Splash New York for their weekly F-Word Fridays party. Splash has been one of those anomalies in New York that has actually survived the ebb and flow of club popularity so I am anxious to see it firsthand for myself.

So working somewhere Saturday was still up in the air. However things turned up and I got booked at this new place "g Lounge" that has a newly popular Saturday night event called "Twisted Saturdays"

And Thus is planned my NYC Thankgiving weekend. Between working Friday and Saturday night, I will be photographed for the Christmas Card which probably will be the highlight of the weekend. Well that and buying some more gaudy watches on 8th avenue....cheers I'll drink to that!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I had a goal to get hired by Matinee North America. They throw the most amazing parties all over the USA, mostly in NYC, Las Vegas, and Miami. It's very difficult to break into their circle. They are on the fore front of innovation when it comes to stage sets, costumes, lighting, and overall design of a dance party. They hire only top tier DJ's and for lack of a better explanation are battling Peter Rauhofer's Work (WE) events for the top of the circuit. Well after less than an year of dancing....I got in. Its been hard. I have networked my ass off, met everyone I possibly could in the Matinee circle, worked hard in the gym, done countless photo shoots, and flown across the country working and making a name for myself on the scene. And it has paid off. I am booked for La Leche Christmas night in Miami. This party has been all across the world from Ibiza....and now Miami. I am on cloud 9 about this. I cannot wait!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am a fan of carry over....longevity....and some idea of things moving from generation to generation. My grandmother loved to see something grow. When she was more able she had taken cuttings from a rose mallow (confederate rose) from a pioneer settlement in Franklinton Louisiana.

She planted them in her yard. Year after year they bloomed every fall...without fail. My mother liked them so much she took cuttings from my grandmothers house and planted some in her yard. And as a child growing up...year after year they bloomed every fall without fail.

When I bought my first home, my mom drove up for a congratulatory visit that spring. She brought with her cuttings of that same rose so I could have a piece of family with me. And for the last five years...they have bloomed without fail every fall.

I took the time to notice them this afternoon and they brought back so many memories. Memories more of people and events, but those blossoms were always in the background every fall.

A simple weekend.

I spent this weekend in Charlotte with some amazing people. I stayed with my ex. It was great to see him. We have remained friends over the years and its so wonderful to have someone like him I can trust in....and not have any sexual tensions or issues. I can tell him anything and vice versa. I guess after you had lived with someone for 3 years they are kinda like family and always will be.

I danced at two events in Charlotte. The Just Twirl Veterans Day Twirl and the Marigny Rewind Party. I have to say the people of Charlotte are a free spirited full of life bunch. They are adaptable, optimistic, and so welcoming.

Also my friend Spencer had a layover in Charlotte that same weekend. Lucky for me our plans coincided and we spent almost 4 hours at a restaurant talking, laughing, and re-capping our crazy year....the ups and downs and moments we experienced.

Its funny how many people you can be in touch with, how many lives you can cross into. Sometimes I wish I had more time to know everyones story cause every time I sit down and actually listen to someone I learn so much about them.

I was at the gym with my ex and a song came on that I had never heard before. The underlying piano in the song is beautiful and the lyrics so moving.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Veterans Day Weekend/Rewind

The next events I will working are the Veterans Day Twirl...presented by Just Twirl at Marigny Dance Club on November 11th.

I am staying in Charlotte and working the "Rewind" Part 3 party at Marigny the following night on November 12th.

HNO28 Recap

Halloween New Orleans was a blast. Weather was mild (chilly at night) lots of sunny days and pleasant times. I roomed with my friends Carlos and Francisco....we were all three dancing at OZ for the weekend. Between shifts we ate, partied, slept, and joked around.

A group of my friends came from Raleigh as well as good friends from the west coast and the midwest. For the main party 4 of us went as unicorns!

Below are pics from highlights of the weekend.

Thursday night was our first shift dancing at the bar. It was a blast. We got so messy we were sprinting down bourbon street in our underwear fetching hurricanes and hand grenades :-) After our shift we somehow made it to and Ihop...for being wasted we look pretty good.

This is a pic of my unicorn crew....pre unicorn planet of course!

Getting dressed for the saturday night party was a tornado of feathers and sparkles....we got so excited this is the only group pic we got...kinda sad but who needs pics when you have the memories.

Sunday I went on a boat cruise. The steamboat Natchez cruised up and down the Mississippi complete with brunch, drinks, and music. A really nice time.

And after 4 days of partying.....everybody needs a pregnant gurl moment and thats where we discovered the most delicious bread pudding!

Only 15 weeks till Mardi Gras and I get to do it all over again!