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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A simple weekend.

I spent this weekend in Charlotte with some amazing people. I stayed with my ex. It was great to see him. We have remained friends over the years and its so wonderful to have someone like him I can trust in....and not have any sexual tensions or issues. I can tell him anything and vice versa. I guess after you had lived with someone for 3 years they are kinda like family and always will be.

I danced at two events in Charlotte. The Just Twirl Veterans Day Twirl and the Marigny Rewind Party. I have to say the people of Charlotte are a free spirited full of life bunch. They are adaptable, optimistic, and so welcoming.

Also my friend Spencer had a layover in Charlotte that same weekend. Lucky for me our plans coincided and we spent almost 4 hours at a restaurant talking, laughing, and re-capping our crazy year....the ups and downs and moments we experienced.

Its funny how many people you can be in touch with, how many lives you can cross into. Sometimes I wish I had more time to know everyones story cause every time I sit down and actually listen to someone I learn so much about them.

I was at the gym with my ex and a song came on that I had never heard before. The underlying piano in the song is beautiful and the lyrics so moving.

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