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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The City

I have hard Manhattan referred to as "The City" on a number of occasions by so many people. Now I am a believer. Once your in it, working it, its amazing. Everything is right around the corner and within 5 minutes of where you are. Its full of successful minds and people with realistic attitudes.

I was there over thanksgiving weekend. I worked at Splash last friday and had my first major slip up as a dancer. Out of all the bars and boxes I have been on this year I have never fallen off. Well there is a first time for everything.... Picture this...Splash was recently glossed over to reflect today's modern club. So the bar I was dancing on was smooth almost teflon white plastic, narrow, and very slippery. It was a square bar in the middle of the club that I could walk around. So between dodging cocktails and a cash register I lost my footing and went flying off! Luckily for me....there were people to land on....lmao. No one got hurt and I did not get kicked out...we all got a laugh and the night went on.

The next day I had another photo shoot with Michael Alago of Rough Gods. He had partnered with Scooter Laforge...taken an image from our last shoot and made a very cool T-shirt. Each T-shirt is handmade, unique, and one of kind. They will potentially be sold in Patricia Fields boutique in NYC. For now you can pre-order by emailing or paying $80 by pay pal to Below is what the shirt looks like on....mind you, I cut the sleeves off this one.

Also that day we took the Rough Gods Christmas card pic. I don't have an image of that yet but when I do I will be sure and share it.

Then on Saturday night I had the privilege of working a g Lounge. I will have to say that next to Oz New Orleans its has been my most favorite bar to work. It was fresh, great patrons, sick music, and very friendly staff. The event was called Twisted Saturdays....kinda of a house party in a club atmosphere.

For more great events like Twisted in NYC you can visit the promoters page at:

Cheers until next time.

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