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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend in NYC

When it rains it pours. My friend Michael approached me about coming back to New York City to be photographed for the Rough Gods Christmas Card this year.

Well I love getting all Santa'ed up so why it would be fun. I also have never worked in New York City so I figured I would try and find work for both Friday and Saturday nights.

I had made acquaintances with a gentlemen named Mark. He is responsible for putting on the Pier Dance during New York Pride. He also books a lot of dancers and entertainment across NYC. I contacted him and he got me booked at Splash New York for their weekly F-Word Fridays party. Splash has been one of those anomalies in New York that has actually survived the ebb and flow of club popularity so I am anxious to see it firsthand for myself.

So working somewhere Saturday was still up in the air. However things turned up and I got booked at this new place "g Lounge" that has a newly popular Saturday night event called "Twisted Saturdays"

And Thus is planned my NYC Thankgiving weekend. Between working Friday and Saturday night, I will be photographed for the Christmas Card which probably will be the highlight of the weekend. Well that and buying some more gaudy watches on 8th avenue....cheers I'll drink to that!

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