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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am a fan of carry over....longevity....and some idea of things moving from generation to generation. My grandmother loved to see something grow. When she was more able she had taken cuttings from a rose mallow (confederate rose) from a pioneer settlement in Franklinton Louisiana.

She planted them in her yard. Year after year they bloomed every fall...without fail. My mother liked them so much she took cuttings from my grandmothers house and planted some in her yard. And as a child growing up...year after year they bloomed every fall without fail.

When I bought my first home, my mom drove up for a congratulatory visit that spring. She brought with her cuttings of that same rose so I could have a piece of family with me. And for the last five years...they have bloomed without fail every fall.

I took the time to notice them this afternoon and they brought back so many memories. Memories more of people and events, but those blossoms were always in the background every fall.

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