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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I had a goal to get hired by Matinee North America. They throw the most amazing parties all over the USA, mostly in NYC, Las Vegas, and Miami. It's very difficult to break into their circle. They are on the fore front of innovation when it comes to stage sets, costumes, lighting, and overall design of a dance party. They hire only top tier DJ's and for lack of a better explanation are battling Peter Rauhofer's Work (WE) events for the top of the circuit. Well after less than an year of dancing....I got in. Its been hard. I have networked my ass off, met everyone I possibly could in the Matinee circle, worked hard in the gym, done countless photo shoots, and flown across the country working and making a name for myself on the scene. And it has paid off. I am booked for La Leche Christmas night in Miami. This party has been all across the world from Ibiza....and now Miami. I am on cloud 9 about this. I cannot wait!

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