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Friday, November 4, 2011

HNO28 Recap

Halloween New Orleans was a blast. Weather was mild (chilly at night) lots of sunny days and pleasant times. I roomed with my friends Carlos and Francisco....we were all three dancing at OZ for the weekend. Between shifts we ate, partied, slept, and joked around.

A group of my friends came from Raleigh as well as good friends from the west coast and the midwest. For the main party 4 of us went as unicorns!

Below are pics from highlights of the weekend.

Thursday night was our first shift dancing at the bar. It was a blast. We got so messy we were sprinting down bourbon street in our underwear fetching hurricanes and hand grenades :-) After our shift we somehow made it to and Ihop...for being wasted we look pretty good.

This is a pic of my unicorn crew....pre unicorn planet of course!

Getting dressed for the saturday night party was a tornado of feathers and sparkles....we got so excited this is the only group pic we got...kinda sad but who needs pics when you have the memories.

Sunday I went on a boat cruise. The steamboat Natchez cruised up and down the Mississippi complete with brunch, drinks, and music. A really nice time.

And after 4 days of partying.....everybody needs a pregnant gurl moment and thats where we discovered the most delicious bread pudding!

Only 15 weeks till Mardi Gras and I get to do it all over again!

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