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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A collection of 24 hours worth of contact...

Each day on facebook I get a plethora of interesting messages/wall posts. I think it would be funny to compile them all with zero editing in the order they were see if any they tell a here it is the story of May 24th.

"i'm not craz boo send me a pic of ur dick. U have skype? OMG-- You're SOOOOO HOT! i sure hope you will add me to you list of friends on Facebook. So I am one of the promoters fro Red Meat here in SF... go to would love to get you a part of it! i just checked myself your pic made me moist. Once again my latest updates say Seth Fornea is now friends with so-and-so and a gazillion other people. It's a daily thing lol. You're just so dang popular! Ha ha! Why are all of your friends hot!?! Damn! I'm adding them all just to look at them. Hahah! That's sad. hey Seth how are you? do you remember meeting Saturday? thx for the add i have another facebook profile just for friends if you want 2 add me there my profile's name is sweetboi salas hope you add me there lol i want to use this profile just for my family anyway i hope you have a awesome tuesday cuttie. WOOF! lol! DUDE your one hot SOB. Chris here. WOOF, WOOF. nice legs buddy. wanna wrestle? haha. wanna grow big with bigdaddy? get some roids and get all pumped up? be my wrestling jockboy? no obsessed with growing HUGE. but u are very handsome bigboy....still wanna wrestle u! hey man - I know this may be a stretch in the mind, but I've been trying to place you at Clemson and I finally did it. You came to a few of the parties over at my place when I had a large group over. Clay, Chad, and several others...if that rings any bells?"

Just a random Tuesday in my life lol.....I love being a gay man....its so much fun. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

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  1. Just 'discovered' Seth. What a gorgeous bloke. Love the body hair...please don't shave it off, it's so sexy. Man, your pubic bush looks like flames surrounding your dick. What a fabulous sight. Come on over and take me in your big powerful arms. I need a cuddle and need to feel loved. Kisses.