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Friday, November 5, 2010

Crossdressing Kids

I just read a blog posted by a mother of a 5 year old boy. Her son decided to go as a female Scooby Doo character Daphne.

When he arrived at his pre-school it was not the kids that had the problem it was the parents. Other Mom's privately talked to her and asked how in the world she could let him dress like that.

You know what....those Mom's are the problem....Those parents are the reason their kids will grow up to be Dipshit bullies....those parents are the reason the creativity of America will be stifled to boredom. How dare they get appalled at his choice of Halloween costume.

Its perfectly ok, and if he decides to change genders at an early age...even better...he can to it before his masculine appearance takes over and will look even more fierce as a trans woman!

How Dare dumbass parents critique a progressive Mom's decision to let her 5 year old son dress as a woman for Halloween.

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I will be a parent and my family will be the most judegmental free zone on earth...if ya want blue hair fine, tattoo fine, piercing fine...however if you want to bully other kids because they are different...get outta my house!


  1. You´re absolutely wrong,parents are supposed to be the authority,the example,the role models we observe and obey since we can remember...we all blame on parents anything that may go wrong in our lives,imagine if this 5 y.o. boy turned into girl regrets his new acquired social persona uh,guess who he´ll be blamed for being allowed to decide in such an early age something so impacting?Yeah,PARENTS!Friends are friends,they don´t take responsabilities for anything we do in our lives but with parents it´s a completely different ball game...