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Friday, December 3, 2010

Me to We

My first word, my first step, I learned to ride a bike, I graduated kindergarten-high school-college, I got a driver's license, I wanna be this when I grow up, I, me, my! From the moment we arrive on this planet its all geared to me and my. Parents, teachers, mentors strive to incorporate ethic and self accomplishment into the minds of young people. Be independent-make your own way-stand on your own too feet-design your own life.

Then just around the corner comes the pull on those oh so powerful little heart strings. This from "me to we" phenomenon that happens when we reach adulthood. As we are programed to be singular we somehow strive for plurality and desire a "we" aspect to share our incredible "me's" with!

How does this work and how do you decide to give up the "me" for the "we". How do you give up the flirt, the freedom, the excitement and anomaly of each new "me" you might discover and settle on a "we" for life?

Its complicated and I have no clue. Each time I think about the "we" some exciting new opportunity for the "me" comes up and so the inner mind battle begins. But my approach is going to be this, before I agree to a "we" the other "me" is going to have to be ok with the crazy me that comes with it ;-)

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