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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where do I go from 28

I am 28...I have lived in Raleigh for 4 years.   Where do I go from here?   What is next?  I have definitely outgrown what this wonderful place has to offer.  What saddens me is the people I may leave behind.  I have really been blessed with a core group of people in Raleigh that I trust, love, and hold dear in so many ways.   But life cannot stop and other discoveries must be made, thus I believe it is time I exit the scene.

I need dirt, soul, history.....a kinda of grunge-voodoo...a heartbeat.  I need cultural resources and traditions...I need seafood and accents....I need brick, iron work, gulf breezes....I need the deep dark mysterious dirty South.  Raleigh is made up of transplants from all over the country all coming for one thing and that is the great jobs/education.  These jobs are all science and engineering based and it has driven the art out of the city.

What that has left Raleigh with is a liberal leaning social attitude toward civil rights while holding on to a staunch/conservative/uptight feel.   I have yet to see a back room at a nightclub here, or people dancing to beats-jock straps exposed.   This is gay without the pure sexual raunch.  I am not a new construction/cookie cutter/I need smooth black pavement with no potholes type of person.  I want a city with a heartbeat...a city that rumbles alive with history...a city that smells of coffee, piss, gumbo, and sex!

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