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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Front House Glitz and Glam Back House Grunge

I decided to try something new out this year.  Basically its called GoGo Dancing, or a fancy word for putting on some cute briefs, socks, and spunky shoes...decorating your arms with bands and dancing on the tops of bars for money.

Whats unique about this whole life...well my first gay bar experiences were filled with my admiration for GoGo Boys.   The style, the attention they got, their physique.  I remember when I was about 18 running wild on Bourbon Street...peaking in the windows of two clubs on the corner of St. Ann...staring at the beautiful men in the briefs...too afraid to enter...I told myself one day I would be there.  One day I would have the courage to live without sexual boundaries.

I full filled my one of my little gay boy goals this summer and became a GoGo dancer at some of the South's landmark gay clubs.  It is fun.  The money is nothing to brag about, you can expect to make about $50 per hour average....probably more if you do it on a big circuit event.

What I did not know was the glamour stops after they jump off the bar.

Clubs are completely about illusion.  In broad daylight clubs would look totally different.  And when that fella jumps off the bar and goes to that un-detected door and enters the "back" of the house...its a whole new story.  From Nola to ATL to DC....front house glitz is a 180 from back house grunge. 

But at the same time thats part of the fun of get to see both sides of the club.  There is the part of getting ready.  You won't be the only fella dancing that night.  You will be among others that have traveled for the hope of $1's and $5's and the occasional $20.  So don't expect a fancy dressing room.  You may be in the broom closet, or an old storage room, or staff bathroom on the third floor with a slanted ceiling so you have to duck the whole time your fluffing.

Don't expect privacy.  You will all be in there together, swapping out briefs, re-doing your cock ring, re-fluffing, flexing, etc....getting ready for the next 55 minutes on the box.  Whats more the will get off your shift and stuff all your wads of money into your bag...which is incidentally in the same room as theirs....and there is kinda an unspoken honor code.  Once I was sharing a small bathroom with 3 other guys.  I was sure my money would be stolen but to my surprise my stuff was left completely alone.

The other amazing part is you become part of the "landscape" of the club.  After you leave the "back" of the house....or the motor of the have to change gears and enter "Front" house Glam!  You become interwoven in the fabric that gives the club is soul and heartbeat.  Patrons expect you to be there, smiling, seducing them.....making it fun for "them" to give you a dollar.  What I have found to be more effective than anything is personality.  Sometimes its not the best looking dancer that makes the most but the one with the right amount of spunk, sparkle in his eye, and willingness to bend over and actually talk the person tipping him and make them fell good on their night out.

If you start to have so much fun you wish you were down off the bar dancing with the patrons....then you are doing your job right.

So Good luck if you choose to give it a try.  Its fun, rewarding, and you get to meet some of the older gays that have made that famous club beat for so many years.

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