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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Diet

Everyone is curious as to how I keep my abs.  The secret to abs is in your kitchen.  I firmly believe abs are 30% workout plan and 70% diet.  If I have an event I want to be "cut" for I start about 3 weeks out on a strict diet plan, high intensity interval cardio, and still my usual lifting.  Here is a basic summary of my diet....much like everything in life there are slips ups now and then...don't be too hard on yourself ;-)

Breakfast: ~6 0z chicken breast, couple servings of mixed veggies...( I buy the already cooked frozen stuff in the bags that I can microwave) and an apple, pear, or banana.

10:00 a.m. piece of fruit, greek yogurt, or maybe some nuts.

Lunch: exact same meal as breakfast

3:00 p.m. piece of fruit, greek yogurt, or maybe some nuts.

After gym: whey protein shake

Dinner: just a meat...chicken or beef and about 6-8 oz and a handful of almonds.  Sometimes I may just scramble 3 eggs....I try to stay away from any and all sugars at night.

Throughout the day I may drink some of the fresh fruit juices....but not a lot as they are loaded with simple sugars.  For fruits I prefer apples, blueberries, blackberries, and bananas.

Here is an example of a breakfast meal...chicken with mustard, spinach, and mixed veggies:


  1. I'm actually going to try this! Hopefully it will work out! Eating all of this will help lose weight?

  2. this is an overall healthy diet for living

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