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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Summer Recap Starting with May :-)

Hi Guys and Gals!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Since about May, JARED and I have been traveling/working non-stop.  My best friend Dustin has been on the road with us a lot too!  I don't think we have missed a party or a festival ;-)

Along the way we have had some great experiences, met some amazing new friends, and really grown a lot as a couple.  If you read my birthday blog you know Jared and I met at Mardi Gras and became boyfriends in April in Key West.  So I am going to pic up around May and let you know what is has been going on :-)

Just to let you know....Jared and I are long distance.  Jared lives and works in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  He is surrounded by palm trees, blue skies, warm water, sandy beaches, and dear friends he loves.  I live and work out of Raleigh NC.  Raleigh is one of the biotech capitals of the nation boasting the infamous Research Triangle Park.  We both have international airports and can easily jet set to meet each other in fun locations!

So Jared and I officially became boyfriends April 2nd, after midnight at the Bourbon Street Pub in Key West Florida.  It was a very special moment as both of us had been single for a very long time!  After that we took our first trip together as boyfriends the weekend of April 13th.  Jared flew to Raleigh and we took a little road trip to D.C., a short 4 hour drive from my home.  The road trip was a blast!  We listened to each others favorite music/podcasts, sang, laughed, (may have been a lil naughty on the road), and held hands the entire way!  Once in DC we stayed with two friends of ours, Carlos and Denis.  Our weekend in DC was all play and exploration.  We dined, worked out, went to art installations, enjoyed a walk on the main lawn, and of course went out at night with friends.  Most special of all....we first said "I love you!" at the end of this trip :-Deeeee.   Here are some pic highlights.

Enjoying a walk around the Washington Monument.

A romantic moment on a bench in the United States Botanical Gardens

The next two pics were snapped after brunch by our friend Denis Largeron of Denis Largeron Photographie

The last night of our trip, Jared spotted his reflection in my eye and we got this amazing pic!

In the beginning of May we traveled to Jared's hometown, Lafayette Louisiana for Festival International de Louisiane Festival Website .  It's a citywide event celebrating french speaking South Louisiana and its culture.  The festival featured, food, crafts, music, spirits, and friends all related to french influence.  Festival International de Louisiane is the largest outdoor Francophone event in the U.S.   The festifal places special emphasis on highlighting the connections between Acadiana and the Francophone world.  I got to meet Jared's family, his college friends, and re-connect with some college friends of my own living in Louisiana still.  Here are some highlight pics from the trip.

Crawfish!  A Louisiana Tradition!

Getting a good view of some french bands performing!

After hours with our bartender friends at Jules Downtown :-)
Our friends recently opened up a new nightclub called Bolt.   If you are in Lafayette LA you should check it out!  BOLT NIGHTCLUB

My roommate in college came down to join the party as well!

Festive Regalia 

The next weekend, Cinco de mayo, I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale to spend a weekend at Jared's home.  I was able to experience FLL Jared style, meet his friends, and enjoy the sunny florida weather.   We went to the gym, went out at night, and even ended up playing on a yacht for two days.  As you can tell these first three trips were just for working just playing!  

Relaxing in the grass after hitting bursting a candy filled piƱata :-)

Cruising on the boat with the boys!

Enjoying a sunset on the yacht...breathtaking!

Being silly with the boys in the pool out back!

My first time on the yacht!  It was amazing!

A couple weeks after the florida vacation it was time to get in the air and get to work!  Our next adventure was International Mr. Leather May 26th weekend, commonly known as IML.  IML is held every year in Chicago.  It's a huge leather fetish festival.  My friends and I were hired to work the IML Revolution Party promoted and organized my Matthew Harvat of Circuit Mom Productions!   The weekend was fantastic.  Dustin, Jared and Myself had a blast!  We danced, we shopped the leather festival, we explored Chicago, we went to the Grabbys, and Dustin met his current boyfriend-Mel!  A lot happened that weekend!  Here are some highlight pics.

Our lovely table at the Grabbys!  Left to right, Matthew Harvat, Dustin Smith, Mel Platzke, Seth ForneaJared LeBlanc, and Harry Cross.

We got our pic on the red carpet!

We couldn't resist sharing a romantic kiss with this background!

My bestie Dustin and I with our new chains :-)

Performing at the House of Blue Chicago!

A romantic moment in Millennium Park Chicago!

IML Closing Party.

The Opening set in white morph suits at IML Revolution.

Well that takes us to the end of May.  I plan to release these in installments by month.  Next up is the first weekend June....and GAY DAYS stay tuned!

Here is a lil teaser to keep you interested ;-)

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