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Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Open Letter to Dancers Everywhere

Dear Dancers,

Are you working at a bar for free?  Are you working at a Circuit Party for free?  If so STOP!

How in the world are you justifying your time and efforts, not to mention the hours you spend in the gym to lend your hard earned body for free?

Let's think about this logically.  They pay the DJ, they pay the lighting guy, they pay the set up crew, they even pay the door person.  If you think it's cute that you are on that box, being seen, being photographed for's NOT!

You are driving down the market for what could be a wonderful living. 

I rarely get on soap boxes but this one gets me mad.  STOP taking free gigs and let the person "hiring" you know that you are valuable, that your time is worth something, that you are no less worthy of a base pay than anyone else at that event.

Now get to work bitch ;-)

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