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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hearts battle with deductive reasoning.

I think one of the great decisions in life we face daily is whether we allow deductive reasoning to rule our emotions/actions or let our heart be our guide.

Deductive reasoning can lead to the truth. It's very protective. It looks at the facts, creates a real picture and if we listen will for the most part it will steer us in the right direction.

Our heart relies on a sixth sense that lives in fairyland. Butterflies, calmness, warmth, comfort, passion, emotion, something that stirs us and leaves us wanting more. Wanting one more minute, one more touch, one more eye contact, one more minute of silence feeling the moment and cherishing it for what it is.

You can't break deductive reasoning. It can be disappointing, but not breaking. You can look at a situation and come to the conclusion that its not correct without involving emotions.

The heart jumps in, full steam. Emotions may start as a drizzle and reach a full on downpour...deductive reasoning may be staring you in the face...screaming at you but you can't hear it cause the heart is raining so hard it drowns everything around you've opened up. You are vulnerable. You gave of yourself, you trusted, you let down you barrier and you stopped hiding. You may be fucked.

Not always, there are anomalies, but probably mostly the heart is going take you to the rodeo. Your heart is going to give you the time of your life and in one instance the fuel its breathing on, the energy is using to pump all the happiness into your insides can stop, it can hide, and change directions and what was so constant, so comforting can fade into the abyss.

Your heart has nothing to go on but un-answers and it still overpowers your deductive reasoning, the downpour still drowns out any thought as your heart digs deeper and deeper into that well to try to find some fuel. Eventually the downpour will fade to a drizzle, your mind will pick up and you can begin make your days good again.

Sooner or later you can roll the windows down on a nice day and drive, look at the clouds and appreciate being alive and all you still have to offer.

So how do you live, are you gonna choose deductive reasoning or your heart. As much as it hurts me I am choosing my heart. My heart may fuck me and drive me to a point so low I feel like I am stuck carrying around a brown bandana, but at the same time my heart takes me to highs I will never forget. Some moments were simple, some where complex, some happened before I knew it and and days later replayed in my head and gave me an emotional ride like no drug ever did.....but in the end thats living and I would not trade those good times for anything.

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