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Monday, October 10, 2011

I miss him

Sometimes in life things and events happen so fast. So fast that you don't know where to put them, what folder they go in, or even what to do with your thoughts. Images and words and events all floating around in your head and where the hell do they go. All I can do now is write, I can't sleep, I can't think, I can't stop crying. This never really happened to me but I feel help less...I just miss him.

I miss seeing him for the first time,
I miss the way he came right up to me and said hello.
I miss him walking in the rain to see me,
I miss seeing him on bar and him kneeling down to say hello,
I miss spending the first night together,
I miss having our first lunch date on labor day.
I miss casually drinking the day away and romantically playing in a hot tub.
I miss him changing his flight at 4:30 in the morning just so we could spend the night together one last time.

I miss him asking me to call him on my lunch break.
I miss showing up at his house for the first time and having wine on the roof top.
I miss being handed a rose and given a kiss.
I miss cutting up potatoes and making hash browns together
I miss holding him at night.
I actually miss watching him play video games and how excited he gets about them.

I miss the sound of his voice and the special way he said my name.
I miss him making me the lock screen on his phone.
I miss his smell, I miss his eyes, I miss looking into his eyes.
I miss him telling me I was the best part of his night and how we talked every night.

I miss when he asked me to take him to Angie one day.
I miss every damn thing about him.
I miss the excitement of actually building a relationship with a great person
Most of all I miss the times when he missed me like I miss him.

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  1. hey bud. im sorry for whatever the event that caused you to write this occurred. i've been dealing with the same thoughts and issues since my buddy from bragg was murdered. just keep your head up and everything will be ok in the long run.