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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Spring/Summer Update

Hi Friends,

A lot has been going on this spring and summer!  After Mardi Gras Jared and I got busy for the big MOVE!   Yep thats right....March 17th of this year Jared and I moved in together in Raleigh NC.  Moving weekend was a blast...we made it a weekend soiree!  We had his going away part in Ft. Lauderdale on a Friday, started the drive on Saturday morning, worked at a bar in Savannah Saturday night and finished the move on Sunday!  We had a blast...the road trip, seeing friends, working :-)  Here are some pics of the weekend.

After the big move we spent about 5 days settling in...then flew to NYC for my birthday (March 22nd).  We hung out with our friend Brett Henrichsen.  We saw Pink in concert, we worked the Black Party NYC.  It was the best 31st birthday party anyone could ask for!

That was honestly our last relaxing weekend.  From the end of March till now it has been non-stop working parties, photo shoots, fundraisers, and amazing networking across the USA!  Here are some photos from the adventures.

Dallas Purple Party

Chicago and Neverland Japanimation

Memorial Day Weekend in Los Angelos


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