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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seth Fornea by COLT Studio Group

I have the pleasure of sharing some amazing images from COLT Studio Group with you!  These were shot on May 4th in NYC.


  1. i like you very much i think you are the perfect man smart & hot but i hope you don't become a "porn star" i love COLT and everything but just i don't wanna see you i that position. :) love love love

  2. Nelson, I don't think that there is anything wrong with being a pornographic performer. Seth is a beautiful man whose willingness to show off his body brings pleasure to countless men and women. If anything, I view the Colt pics as being unusually tame and really a tease, at least for Colt standards (which are quite classy). To my mind, Seth needs to decide whether to be a regular model and dancer who never does porn work, or someone who does porn work, proudly and unabashedly. As one of his fans, I view this in-between stage to be a huge tease and, frankly, a turn-off in some ways. Either do it or don't do it, and if you do it then go full-frontal and do it with pride while being choosy and taking care of yourself. Not all porn is created equal. But do it or don't do it. Don't tease us. Fans will turn away if they feel like you are teasing and toying with them. Blue balls are no fun!

    1. The problem isn't the porn. I would love to see Seth in action. The problem is that after awhile his porn career will end and he will still have most of his life left to live. Most porn stars find life after making porn to be a huge challenge. Most companies don't what ex-porn stars as employees and you can forget about any of the true Professional careers. Their liscencing body would never let him get his license once the background check found the porn. He is already treading on thin ice just with the stuff he has done so far. Oneday Seth's body will age just like the rest of us and if he has a porn ccareer in his history his future options will be severly limited

  3. I love you Seth, but I have to agree that these pictures are a little frustrating. They are gorgeous shots, but if you are going to take us this far, you might as well take us all the way. I really want you to be a total whore on camera. I can't take much more of this teasing, my beautiful friend.

  4. I'm the Aug. 2 11:21 pm Anonymous above. I'm glad to see that the Aug. 3 Anonymous agrees with me that these pics are frustrating in how they're such a tease, but I wouldn't quite agree with his comment that Seth needs to be "a total whore" on camera. Perhaps that would be what some fans would want, but I'd say that there are ways to do full-frontal, real sex (solo or with others) porn that are not debasing and that are still classy and not whorish. COLT is the gold standard, and there are others. Seth needs to make a decision and go with it. Either do porn or not. But I'd agree with the August 3rd Anonymous in saying that "if you are going to take us this far, you might as well take us all the way." Agree with that 100%. This shoot was like being invited to a delicious dinner, being seated at a table in view of an exquisite buffet behind a sheer drape, and then being served airline food. Seth, you've done enough of the daring tease shots. You should either stop now if you are not comfortable with porn and stop doing these "just up to the line" shoots, or cross the line and end the teasing. Your fans will support you and will be very proud of you either way. It's just the teasing that's, as the other commenter said, quite frustrating for fans. You not only have a beautiful body, but you have a beautiful mind too. Do the porn only if it will make you happy and will bring you an interesting adventure. Don't do it for the wrong reasons. For example, as retaliation to family members who've been less than supportive. God knows that many of us have unsupportive family members. What is important is that you take care of yourself, continue to be savvy and self-respecting, and enjoy life, regardless of how intimate you get in your shoots and videos.

  5. I really appreciate all of your input on the degree of nudity and way I put out photographs and videos.

  6. Hey Seth, thanks for the response. I'm with the 12:44PM Anonymous. You either need to return to regular modeling or you need to do all out hardcore porn. You are just going to frustrate everybody if continue to put out these sorts of shots. I hope you choose hardcore porn.

  7. Seth, hope you do a few scenes both solo and duo with Colt, and/or some classy hardcore photo shoots showing off your generous assets. It's totally hot and unique to have a great ginger stud showing off all his hard won muscle work. Time are changing and nudity and sex on camera don't have the quite the same stigma as before. You are an inspiration to gay men everywhere.