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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Ode to the Odor

I work in parties....loud, hot, steamy, sweaty parties with all types of men and women.  Tall, short, skinny, muscled, piggy, overweight....all walks of life.  It's amazing.

I love the variety of kinks, turn ons, the tops, the bottoms, the pups, the sub slaves on all adds to the flavor and the "realness" of being truthful to what makes you tingle.

But......and sometimes it smells like a big BUTT...the body odor can be overwhelming.

So here is my soapbox.  I like to be dirty when I am out mowing the lawn, tilling the soil, or cutting firewood.  I understand body odor after playing a game, running, lifting, or even dancing...but that's a different kind of body's an odor that develops after sweating and it doesn't have that "peal paint off the walls affect" as the odor when someone refuses to shower.

Men will be men....they will develop a scent and thats fine....but coming to a party and not showering for two days before....REALLY!?!?!?!

There are people that I see at parties that I LOVE...I genuinely think they are wonderful people but when I see them I duck and run the other way because they STINK.  Not just stink...they actually smell like a rotten barnyard.  And on top of that they have no etiquite about body contact.  They will joyfully rub all over you like a deer in rut and after the encounter and hug of hello you too will smell like the bottom of used jock strap basket at the Folsom Street Fair.

So here are my recommendations if you are a piggy, stinky, proud, soap avoiding, dirty, gay man.  Do the Oprah hug and the Drag Queen body contact your hair hope you win...but don't touch my skin!


  1. I am so with you 100000% on this comment, Seth!!!!! Well stated Sir!

  2. I agree. There's a difference between the smell of a man and the smell of a dirty man. I used to work with a guy that would come into my office in the AM smelling clean and fresh, but by the afternoon he smelled. He didn't wear deodorant. It didn't bother me, because I knew he was clean (and he was Australian and the accent killed me). However, when someone would walk in stinking up the joint in the AM, I know he was just dirty.

    I think of it like cologne: you should only smell it when you are close to them and it should make you want to get closer. If you're walking into the room and you can smell someone, that's a bad sign.

    And don't get me started on the guys that smell like ass from 10 feet away... [shudder]

  3. totally agree! loved the oprah hug and drag queen kiss hahahaha
    and don't get me started on private parts with the strong pubic odor and sometimes the "cream cheese" THERE if you know what I mean....and the bottom part? OMG! a friend of mine calls it the "fragrance of rotten souls" must smell like....
    how a guy wants to have sex if he doesn't show up with his private parts clean?????? I don't get it....really don't! And are the idiot that doens't want to have sex with him anymore.....go figure! doesn't even need to be CKs or aussiebums...but clean underwear! please! hahaha
    It is the least you want, right? Not asking for the world here... =p

  4. Agree with you 100 percent hope more are mindful of this in future for you!

  5. Im totally with him…. i don't get the" man smells" thing…. its actually quite selfish invading people with your stink unless they have requested it. i work in a homeless unit where i tolerate and understand it …and usually the guys / girls ask to get cleaned up..
    each to their own but stale sweat is the pits! pun intended.

  6. Well...It is part of the game man!

  7. I honestly can understand that people may stink if they worked/danced/did sport. But when it's about a lack of hygiene, people who are not showering in the morning, it's just... yurk. No way. The worse for me are smelly feet. I have a colleague whose feet stink from 8am... I bumped into him one day in a supermarkt and he was wearing flip-flops, it was revolting : long yellow nails with dirt under it, it was obviously a lack of hygiene, and I was that close to vomit :)) People should be more concerned about this kind of thing, honestly.

  8. I guess you dont now much about porn industry :)