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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Non-Monogamy and the Complexities of Taste

Disclaimer:  This is a comedy piece about the actual truth of Jared and my relationship.   What we have works amazing for us...I am not advocating this for anyone else...just making light of our sexual freedom.

The other day Jared and I went to the off leash dog park in Raleigh to let our two Chihuahuas play with some other dogs.  It was a sunny day and lots of locals where there as well...which meant lots of dogs of all types.  We went to the "small" dog off leash park because both of our dogs combined weigh less than 9 pounds.  We sat for about an hour, chatting with other dog owners and enjoying watching our two babies play and sniff butts lol.

As we walked back to the car we passed a few dogs in particular a collie...just like in the movie Lassie.   Jared burst out with joy and acclimation "Look how beautiful that collie is."  I turned and gave a startled look and replied " think collies are pretty dogs?"  I for one have never looked at a collie and thought anything remotely attractive existed in that breed....but for Jared's taste, it is one of the most attractive breeds of domestic dogs.

Then a lightbulb went off in my head!  OMG his taste in dogs totally mirrors his taste in men.....and do mine lol!  For the duration of our relationship we have been open and very sexually liberal.  Naturally we talk about what we find attractive in hookups and each time ones of us sees a hot guy we point it out to the other.   A majority of the time I don't find what he considers hot to be attractive and vice versa (although we both usually agree on Brazilians lol).  It's always very comical...because neither of us can fathom why the adonis we just pointed out is not attractive to the other person lol.

But when he made the comment about the collie dog being dawned on me that he is totally wired differently as to what he percieves as beauty relative to what I perceive.

His favorite breeds of dogs based on physicality are collies, Australian shepherds, golden retrievers, huskies, and shelties.   My favorite breeds are french bulldogs, chocolate labs, chow chows, bloodhounds, and newfoundlands.   He tends to prefer sharper more angular features while I tend to prefer more round bulbous features in dogs.

The comical part is...the same is true for men.  Every guy he points out that he thinks is hot...I usually shake my head at and dub them "the Buzz Lightyears" for their rigid and angular features.  On the same token he always jokes that guys I find attractive are too round in the face.  He likes a big square jaws and I like plump lips.  He likes a pointed nose and I like wide nostrils....the list goes on and on.  It even transcends into body parts....I noticed I wasn't particularly draw to or made salivate by pecs he found attractive either.

I tend to be drawn to rounder pecs with large outward and downward facing nipples.  Jared tends to like more square pecs with smaller closer set nipples.

It's amazing how two people can fall in love and have totally different turn ons.   It's also very fun because it makes for an adventurous life and lots of storytelling the morning after :-)

For you serial monogamists out there who couldn't imagine your better half's tender tits getting tickled by random "Toms"...think of this as window shopping for things you can't have ;-)

So I put together 4 collages of both men and pecs to show you what I mean by what each of use finds "hot".

Hope you and your significant others are talking about turns ons and sexuality's liberating #getintoit!

with love,

Seth's Hotties

Jared's Hotties

Yummy Pecs for Seth

Yummy Pecs for Jared


  1. Thank you so very much for making this post. I didn't think anyone else quite "got it out there on the world wild web but you're spot on! XOXO!

    1. love it seth. btw pls add me on yout page of fb

  2. That was a very interesting observation finding out that your taste in differ as much as your taste in men. It's great that you two have that type of open relationship and even better that you have the type of relationship whereas you can see something and comment on it without there being any jealousies. I wish you two well and just want to know when will you ever do a fuck scene?

    1. HI! Thanks for your comment. We currently have no plans to do a fuck scene.

  3. Interesting assessment. I think all of your and Jared's choices were attractive, but all of them needed some hair! ;-)

    1. I take it you are hair fan! I like it both ways..hairy or smooth just so long as it's soft....I can't do prickly

  4. God.. you're so beautiful it actually hurts.. x

  5. Surely you're able to find common ground for threeways, though.