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Thursday, April 10, 2014

God Save the Fetus!

I really don't think that there are a statistical number of people that are pro-abortion....that would like saying there are people that are pro-death penalty....oh wait there are :/  But that's a whole other blog entry.

I live in North Carolina and I constantly get stuck in traffic behind behind SUV's and sedans with the words "pro life" plastered across the back.

Aren't we all pro life....given the choice wouldn't any of us choose to live rather than die....considering we had good health and life quality.

I can't incubate a fetus so I actually don't really have a say in's more of a woman's right...but I do have an opinion.   It's NOT MY WOMB!  Just as I agree with Oregon's Death with Dignity Act I also agree with a woman's right to choose.

What really gets on my nerves is the conservative rights actions toward children once they are born.  They will do everything in their power (prayer, protests, lobbying, etc) to influence the public opinion on abortion.  GOD SAVE THE FETUS.  But once that baby is born it's pretty clear their opinion is "fuck it".  They don't support social programs that fund early childhood development, welfare programs that feed this child, etc etc etc.  They just want it born...after that good luck surviving a corporate run capitalist democracy.  #thinkaboutit


  1. amen - well said

  2. George Carlin (RIP) had a lot to say about the same subject:

    "Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers!"

  3. I totally agree Seth and thanks for posting this message.

  4. I've said this all along. As a man, how can I tell a woman what to do with their body. As well, TOTALLY agree with you about let's save the fetus, fuck that kid when it's time to feed, educate and support it.....

  5. But those early childhood programs, i.e. HeadStart, don't work. And social conservatives give a higher share of their income directly to food banks and low income clothing outlets compared to social liberals. They'd rather have autonomous control over how their money is spent rather than have it redistributed through taxation.

  6. As incredibly sexy as you are, this is where i have to respectfully disagree with some of your comments. It is true that most conservatives do not support welfare programs for kids, but that is mostly because they want the parents to take responsibility for their child and support them the best they are able to. Unemployment is still an issue, but there is work available (retail, food industry, etc), if parents persist and seek it out. And with the help of local churches and food banks, there is a lot of support out there as well. Instead if resorting to abortion and saying that there's no way she can afford their child, a mother should look into the resources available to them, or if they choose, place the child up for adoption. It's easy to say "women should have the right to choose", but we wouldn't have wanted our own mothers to choose not to keep us. We treasure our existence, and the unique essence that makes us who we are, which started from our mothers choosing to stay pregnant with us and taking responsibility for her actions. That, as we know, is what being an adult is all about.

    I, too, use to be an advocate for Pro-life, until i realized how amazingly complex the first month of pregnancy is. I've never had a child, but as an Anatomy teacher I've come to fully appreciate the physiological intricacies of that early stage - by the 4th week, components of the skull, rib cage, and limbs of the embryo are already formed. The heart contracts for the first time at this time , as well - wow! The embryo is no larger than a pinto bean, yet several human structures have already formed. Since this human has so much potential already, terminating it's life at this stage just doesn't seem logical, even from a scientific point of view. I hope my comments do not offend you, but rather show you the other side of the coin. Thank you for your tolerance of other's opinions.


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